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Civil and Building Work
BEATs is leading company in the field of contracting services like civil works, building constructions and maintenance...
Electrical Cables & Lights
Taking forward the process, the electronic setting is of paramount importance after modelling of a venue, and herein, our skills...
Fire Solutions
Statistics suggest that fire-related accidents have led to severe casualties and damages to not just property, but also people. Many families have lost...
CCTV Installation Services
The CCTV system employs cutting-edge technology, including digital recording, video and audio monitoring, and communications. The designs are...
Furniture And Cable Tray
Furniture is the biggest factor in ensuring your room or office has that X factor. Your decor decides your aesthetic and charm. Therefore, it is critical to find the best for your space. And that’s where we
Managed Services
A critical element that ensures smooth running of any commercial space is managed services. These services don’t only make the lives of others easier,
Information Technology
Our experts have more than two decades of experience in Information Technologies in the field of Network Planning, Deployment and Integration.
Health & Quality Policy
All our employees are ensured prised assets for us. Thus, we take responsibility for their wellbeing and safety. We aim to provide a safe, comfortable, and

We are passionate about our work & make growth of your business

+91 96500 96307
Our Core Values

We work alongside national and international Companies

In order to keep consistent throughout the life of the company, all employees of Baberwal Engineering And Technology Pvt Ltd. operate under a series of core philosophies. Our primary focus is high quality product delivery with 100% satisfaction. BEATS will develop products to lead the industry in the future. The needs of the customer must always come first. The corporate culture must be such that it remains a fun, fair, friendly and good environment to work in with the ability to grow rapidly. We will develop product, sales, marketing and partnership channels that benefit small to medium sized companies that will grow with them into large companies.
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